Worlds worst driverOld man crashes into 9 cars; Woman parks in handicapped spot – Compilation

1. CCTV video from a Piggly Wiggly in Mayville, Wisconsin shows a 92-year-old driver smashing into multiple vehicles as he drove through the parking lot. 2. Parking in a handicap spot is incredibly rude, but a video of a confrontation between a woman who did so and a man filming the encounter, has left many wondering which of the two individuals is worse. 3. A surreal altercation over handicapped parking at this Walmart lot in suburban Milwaukee landed an elderly woman in the hospital and it was caught on camera. 4. Police were called to tow an illegally parked Ferrari. The USD $500,000 sports car was casually parked on the sidewalk and a local resident said that the owner parked there almost every day. 5. Two illegally parked cars got more than mere parking tickets when a construction truck driver took matters into his own hands. Be sure to subscribe to TomoNews for more of the craziest news stories from around the world. ——————————————————- For news that’s fun and never boring, visit our channel: Subscribe to stay updated on all the top stories: Visit our website for all the latest, uncensored videos: Check out our Android app: Check out our iOS app: Stay connected with us here: Facebook Twitter @tomonewsus Google+ Instagram @tomonewsus

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