Water Car Surfer Driving: Floating Car Racing Game – Gameplay (Android)

Subscribe and follow: Youtube:: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC2DQfGsC87RDZLy9GTdfIQ?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter:: http://twitter.com/MysteryMadGamer Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lf.Floating.Car.Simulation.free.apps ———————————- Description: Water Car Surfer Driving: Floating Car Racing Are You Ready To Face Extreme Adventure And Super Fun Through Our Modern Water Car Surfer Driving 3D Game? You Can Have An Extreme Fun Of The Different Floating Car Surfer, Floating Cars In Our Amazing Car Driving City Surfer Car Racing Game. These Car Games Are Super Powerful and Of Different Outstanding Qualities. The Car Games Which You Can Only Dream Of Are Now In Front Of You In This Real Surfer Car Driving Games. Not Just In Front Of You But Also You Can Have Fun On Them On The Water Surfing Just Your Floating Car Driving Games. Extreme Floating Car Float Driving Game Is The Part Of The Flying Floating Car Simulator. You Can Now Enjoy The Future Car Drive Surfing 3D Of The Futuristic Cars Ultimately In This Floating Car Surfer: Driver Simulator 3d Game 3D. Let’s Just Get Ready For The Adventure That You Can Never Think Of. The Adventure Of The Floating Super car Extreme Driving In The City On The Roads And Also In The Deep Sea Water Is Marvelous. You Have Got Different Choices To Choose Between Different Futuristic Sports Car Racing Games. You Can Also Choose The Color Of Your Sports Car, Of Your Liking. Are You Ready For the Water Car Surfer Driving 3D? Beat The Traffic Rush And Reach Your Destination As Soon As Possible. The Time Is Ticking. Find Youre Final Destination Before The Time Is Up And No Arrow Is Given On The Top Of Your Floating Car To Show You The Right Way Surfers. But You Can Take Help From The Mini That Is Given On The Right Top Of Your Device. You Have To Go Surfing Through The Checkpoints To Reach The Finish Point. The Yellow Points On The Map Indicate The Checkpoint And The Finish Point. You Have Very Limited Time To Reach Your Destination. So Be Careful and Be There On Time or You Will Have to Start Your Level Again. Do Not Hit Your Floating Cars Anywhere When You Enjoying Suffering In Sea Water, It May Not Damage Them But It Will Surely Waste A Lot Of Your Precious Time. Every Single Second Is Important To You. So Drive Carefully. You Have Three Modes To Choose In This Water Car Surfer Driving 3D Game. Which Are The Free Mode, Racing Mode, And Mission Mode? In Free Mode, You Just Roam Around the City or Float On the Sea Water Surfer. Without Any Tension or Care. In Racing Mode, It Is Understood You Have Levels Given To Play Surfers. Where You Have To Race With Different Super cars. Win The Race To Move On To The Next Level. And In The Mission Mode, You Have Given Different Missions To Complete. The Missions Are Very Challenging And Daring. The Difficulty of the Missions Increases as You Move On To the Next Levels. Are You Daring Enough To Face Them? To Control Your Futuristic Super cars The Controlling Buttons Are Given. There Are Left Right Arrow Keys Given To Take Turns. Other than the Arrow Keys You Have Tilt and Steering Wheel Options to Turn Left or Right. To Race Your Floating Car The Race Button Is Given On The Right Bottom Of Your Device. Next To It Is The Brake Button. You Can Also Reverse From The Brake Button. All The Guide Has Been Given To You. Now Lets See If You Are Able To Play The Mission Or Race Or You Just Like To Roam Around. Water Car Surfer Driving: Floating Car Racing Features: Different Super cars Attractive Graphics Challenging Levels Enjoyable Free Mode Addictive Amazing Sound System

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