Vintage car show in Ahmedabad #Vlog (interior of rolls Royce,bentely) vintage car club of Gujarat

Hi guys I’m back again with another video . This time there was a vintage car club show in Ahmedabad. .We were #special #guests there so we got some car’s #interiortour . .Owners were super cool with us . They did let us take interior clicks . Do subscribe and like the video if you enjoyed. Sorry for low audio quality. . Total 60 cars were there but these are the ones I remember very well. . . 1 Ford Mustang(1967) . 3 Rolls Royce . 1 Bentely . 3 Chevrolet Impala . 1 Chevrolet Malibu . 1 Ford Cobra (1969) . 4-5 Buick century . 1 Dodge suburban custom . . Cobra was very special because it had a massive #V12. Car arrived just one day before the show . And the owner arrived in his #porsche #911 and then after some time he went home and came back with his #ferrari #california #T . . .Follow me on social media. For such exclusive content. . Facebook- . .Songs- Introduction-“Mi gante” by j balvin Willy william Video song-” Bring out the love” by Gavin Luke

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