Van Vliet Trucks Holland Company Movie 07-2016

Over a period of more than 60 years, Van Vliet Trucks Holland BV has become a leading supplier of new, used and reconditioned commercial vehicles. Van Vliet has earned this position through its selective and careful purchase strategy, the universally acclaimed high quality of both product and service and the value for money it offers. Dedication and skill are the cornerstones of Van Vliet’s succes. With a permanent stock of over 1500 commercial vehicles (new, used and reconditioned) and a large network Van Vliet is always able to supply the customer with the desired product on a short notice. If the product needs to be modified to meet recommendations, Van Vliet will gladly take care of it in one of its own professional workshops. The modification will be done with the greatest care by a professional team of technicians, working according ISO 9001 standards, to guarantee a high level of quality. After the product has undergone the final quality inspections, the product is ready for delivery. Whether the product needs to be delivered at a European seaport or another destination around the world, Van Vliet takes care of the entire proces of delivery, to comfort the customer. Because Van Vliet takes care of the whole package; from sales, to modifying and even the deliveringproces, Van Vliet is able to provide the customer in his needs on a short notice and is therefor able to meet the customers tight schedule. Specialties Sales, Modification, Project vehicles, Export, Reconditioning, Parts, Trucks, Wordwide shipment, 4×4’s More information:

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