Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Cars in the World! For 2015-2016!

Top 10 Expensive Luxury Cars in 2015-2016 which are best in the world.Top Expensive cars for November 2015 to 2016.Go to Please Subscribe & Share If you are interested in luxury and expensive cars then we are going to list top 10 most expensive luxury cars in the world today that is going to be presented below. Lets check it out! MOST EXPENSIVE LUXURY CARS LIST 2015 Ferrari FF ($295,000) It is one of the top ten most luxury cars that are definitely expensively sold because only taking a look at its engine, we can see why it can be that pricey; the powertrain used here is a twelve-cylinder with 6.3 liters of gas so it enables the car in just 3.7 seconds to accelerate from zero to 62 MPH. The engine is also able to produce 651 horses getting paired with an F1-derived transmission in seven speeds but the performance is quiet and submissive enough. If you see its profile for the shooting brake, it is kind of one of a kind and even the smooth torque flow becomes the one that needs to boast about. Besides, for the interior you will find the new Apple CarPlay helping riders to have an easy access to apps and any core functions. Its appearance may be unusual, it is alright anyway. 2015 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta ($319,995) This car is great and absolutely luxurious with its twelve-cylinder 6.3-liter engine that can make the torque of 508 pound-feet and 729 ponies; even the acceleration is awesome with the result of 3.1 seconds sprinting from zero to 60 MPH, while Ferrari claims that the top speed can be more than 211 MPH. For you who long for an emotional driving experience, this is definitely thrilling and blast to drive especially you look at the powertrains boosting the car. For its styling design, you can find how lines are swooping dramatically; not only that, both aerodynamics and aesthetics are blended presented by the face coming with more aggressiveness at its nose. It is believed that the potential of its performance is more than awesome along with its styling that comes assertive. 2015 Rolls-Royce Phantom ($407,400) How unique this car is when you go looking at its visual but this is really included in the most luxurious, high-priced cars in the world just seeing its price. This is the car powered by a V12 6.75-liter engine that can produce the torque of 531 pound-feet and 453 ponies so it means under six seconds, the acceleration to reach 60 MPH is really possible. The power is delivered by the automatic transmission in eight speeds to the rear wheels because its gear shifts are handled very well. When you just enter the car, there are some things that must catch your attention, one of them is its Starlight Headliner that come together with other lights for interior that are featured beautifully. Not only great-looking, the feature is welcoming and attractive making the riders can feel captivated but still enjoyable. 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder ($845,000) Porsche is always high both in quality and price, and no doubt that the V8 4.6-liter engine is used to power the car so that it can produce 608 ponies which are really excellent; while the torque of 940 pound-feet and 887 horses can be brought by the hybrid electric drive system that must be expected by many car enthusiasts. It is also good to know that the acceleration is amazing because it only needs 2.8 seconds to hit 60 MPH. From the design, we can tell that Porsche is truly amazing in making it stunning. 2015 Rolls-Royce Ghost ($287,750) This luxury car is highly-priced because this car features a V12 twin-turbo 6.6-liter engine that will be able to generate the torque of 575 pound-feet and 563 horses. For the acceleration, it is improved if compared to the previous generation of Ghost because it needs 4.8 seconds to go from zero to reach 60 MPH. Surprisingly, the Satellite Aided Transmission is the technology that is featured by its automatic transmission in eight speeds so it means the gears can predictively be selected by the car depending on the rises and bends of the road. Go for this car because the comfortable ride is concluded as a wonderful one. Not only its performance that can wow

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