Top 10 Bollywood Stars And Their Expensive LUXURY CARS January 2017 New Luxury Bollywood Cars 2017

Top 10 Bollywood Stars And Their Cars 2016 1) Shah Rukh Khan Bugatti Veyron Price Rs. 12 Crore/- 2) Aamir Khan Mercedes S600 Sedan Price Rs. 10 Crore/- 3) Amitabh Bachchan Rolls-Royce Phantom Price Rs. 3.4 Crore/- 4) Ranbir Kapoor Audi R8 Price Rs. 2 Crore/- 5) Salman Khan Lexus LX570 Price Rs. 2 Crore/- 6) Hrithik Roshan Mercedes S500 Price Rs. 2 Crore/- 7) Akshay Kumar Porsche Cayenne Price Rs. 3 Crore/- 8) John Abraham Audi Q7 Price Rs. 1 Crore/- 9) Ajay Devgn Maserati Quattroporte Price Rs. 2 Crore/- 10) Abhishek Bachchan Bentley Continental GT Price Rs. 3 Crore/-Luxury Lifestyle, Luxury Life, luxury life of billionaires, world billionaires, luxury, luxury cars, luxury living, luxury car, luxury furniture, luxury travel, luxury hotels, Airline (Industry), First Class, Aircraft (Type Of Fictional Setting), Richest, Most, Expensive, Luxurious, Air France (Airline), Airplanes (Composition), Cathay Pacific (Airline), Lufthansa (Airline), Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways (Airline), Quantas Airlines, Air FranceKLM (Airline)

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