The Prancing Horses – Ferrari Day 2015

Sorry for the late upload! I’ve been trying to find the right music (once again) and it just doesn’t come up very often. Anyway, for this video, I show you guys around the greatest car meet I’ve ever been to. Yes, the great Ferrari fan Tucker Fellows has finally gone to the annual Ferrari Day at Exotics @RTC, and may I say, it was incredible. I got to see not only my favorite cars in the world, but some of the world’s most treasured and rarest cars, including a 250GTO, LaFerrari, Enzo, 599 GTO, 599 SA Aperta, and much more!! This video is of less quality though, due to the fact that I had to film some with my iPhone, my apologies for the inconvenience. I’ll be more organized next year. My main channels below! First channel: My Second channel: Extras & Behind the scenes: Follow Me On Instagram: @tfsupercarphotos Subscribe! Thanks for watching!!!l

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