The 5 Affordable Muscle Cars You Must Buy Right Now — AFTER/DRIVE

The air-cooled Porsche 911 has become the poster child of a receding age of cars with driving character. And the prices are reflecting buyers’ excitement. Sh. Muscle cars aren’t just for billionaire grandpas rocking Hemi ‘Cudas. Mike Musto, host of /DRIVE’s BIG MUSCLE lets us in on a few secrets to enjoying tire-sm. What Cars Would You Buy For $25000? AFTER/DRIVE It’s a bar game we play. Come up with a number. That’s how much you can spend on all the cars you’ll ever . The new M4 ditches the 3 in BMW’s most iconic car, adds boost, and goes to electric steering. It’s a lot for the M3 fan to take in, so Mike Spinelli sat do.

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