The 20 Best Ford Mustang 1994- 2004

The Ford Mustang is a muscle car of American home Ford. It was initially based on the second generation of American model Ford Falcon, C-segment vehicle was introduced to the market on 17 April 1964. The 1965 Mustang was the most successful model from A. Ford and Mustang is the same saga third oldest Ford, whose models have undergone many changes until the current sixth generation. The fourth generation of Mustang is, in terms of engine, the same as the third. Ford continues to build on the Fox platform for its new vehicles, but outside where the evolution and differences with their predecessors is observed, it is worth it to distinguish between third and fourth generations. The vehicle of 1994 marked a major change with the third generation. His appearance became more aerodynamic and more aggressive in their lines. It was followed using 5-liter engine (ho), but now with 215 hp instead of 225. The hatchback versions disappeared and only offered as a coupe and convertible. The 5-liter engine lasted only two years in the new generation. Actually, it was the same motor 260 that appeared in the first Mustang 30 years. The 5.0 gave way to the 4.6-liter modular engine and camshaft at the head much more modern. 1996 4.6 engine with the same power appeared that 5 liters of 1995, but grew from there. In 1998 the power was back to 225 and the latest versions of 260 hp. Also in 1996 he appeared again the Mustang Cobra, with the 4.6-liter engine but with heads with dual overhead camshafts. It is generating about 305 horsepower. In addition, a year later enters a new standard in force for all models: the burglar Ford (PATS).

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