Right so! The original plans was to have two models come down, something came up and we didn’t think we would need backups… But we clearly did this time round! So to save the project we cancelled original plans and just did a what was meant to be a chilled and average meet up turnt out alot more pump than we intended haha. Stay tuned for whats next will always be better SHOUT OUT TO KLAUDIA WHOS PHOTO CAN BE FOUND HERE: AND OF COURSE SHOUT OUT TO THE “SMILES PER GALLON” TEAM FOR COMING DOWN!!! REMEMBER WE ARE ALWAYS ROLLING ON EPIC PROJECTS, WE ARE ALWAYS WELCOMING ALL TALENTS TUNERS/MODELS/MEDIA-GURUS!!! THANKS FOR WATCHING INSTAGRAMS @_ONEWAYUP_ @CLOUDOUTTDAPLACE @KLAUDIANEVINS

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