Smart BRABUS The Urban Sports Cars Full Review – 2017 LUXURY CARS TV HD

the new smart BRABUS. This exceptionally sporty and exclusive variant is being introduced to broaden the range of smart cars for urban mobility. Available as either smart BRABUS or smart BRABUS Xclusive both model lines are a license to indulge in sheer driving pleasure, each boasting an output of 80 kW (109 hp). To coincide with the market launch of the new city sports car available as fortwo, cabriolet or forfour smart will launch an extensive, worldwide marketing and advertising campaign on 8 July 2016 on all relevant communication channels, fronted by the claim “smart BRABUS. The urban sports cars.” In addition to relying on classic forms of communication, the smart campaign for the new sports runabout will feature a viral video as well as interactive event marketing. The emphasis is firmly on the experience with a viral film entitled “Most Xclusive Test Drive” demonstrating what a unique feeling it is to drive a smart BRABUS. The film shows three different groups of unsuspecting people who just wanted to test drive the smart BRABUS a family, a couple and a group of friends. Just as they leave the smart dealership, a police escort is waiting to accompany them on the entire test drive To support the market launch of the new smart BRABUS on an international scale too, smart will be staging a mobile smart BRABUS Live Escape Game in Hamburg, Vienna, Barcelona and Rome from September onwards. The participants are randomly selected people in the respective cities who are interested to play. In groups of two to four people, they will be trapped inside the BRABUS Live Escape Game with the smart BRABUS Xclusive and given a set length of time to escape. Within this set time, the players must solve interactive puzzles with and about the smart BRABUS to liberate the car from the garage. The participans will get a small prize, but that is going to be a surprise The classic communication likewise focuses on the exclusive feeling of driving a smart BRABUS. Six print motifs for the different variants of the smart BRABUS will be published in national magazines, daily newspapers and the economic press. With headlines like “More Newton. Less meters.”, “Airdrenaline” and “Interiyeah”, they arouse desire for the city sports car with the sporty and dynamic looks. Prospective customers can take the next step at, where they will find a product film as well as the latest information about the smart BRABUS and the smart BRABUS Xclusive with its highly exclusive interior and exterior features.

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