[SBST] (Retired) Volvo B10M MKIV Striders in Pasir Ris – 2012

Maxson Goh Films a collection of Volvo B10M MKIV Striders in Pasir Ris back in 2012 when these were still a common sight. Come present day, all these buses were fully retired by August 2015. http://instagram.com/glitchfan2428 Photos of Exotic Cars at my Facebook page. Please like for photos of Exotic cars, updated regularly! http://www.facebook.com/MaxsonGoh Or, Photos of Public Buses and more can be found here! https://www.facebook.com/BOOBSG All footage filmed and edited by Maxson Goh aka glitchFan2428 No unauthorised use or duplication of the video is allowed. Thanks for Watching and Please Leave a Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed the video :)

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