Race Day Replay U.S. Street Nationals 2017 – Kye Kellys Crazy Nitrous Backfire

Street Outlaws star Kye Kelly had a MASSIVE nitrous backfire in The Shocker during testing. Check out the giant fireball that erupts out of the throttle bodies! Special thanks to our Race Day Replay sponsor Edelbrock. View more at: https://livestream.com/speedvideo/us-street-nationals-2017 SUBSCRIBE to the POWERTV YOUTUBE Channel — http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=powertv ***** Visit Power Automedia’s Online Magazines! Power Automedia is the #1 Automotive Performance Digital Publisher! Ford & Mustang – http://www.stangtv.com LSX GM – http://www.lsxmag.com Hot Rods & Muscle Cars – http://www.streetmusclemag.com Drag Racing – http://www.dragzine.com Street Rods! – http://www.rodauthority.com Chevy Muscle Cars – http://www.chevyhardcore.com Engine Performance – http://www.enginelabs.com Corvette – http://www.corvetteonline.com Off Road – http://www.offroadxtreme.com Diesel Trucks – http://www.dieselarmy.com Sport Compact – http://www.revvedmag.com Performance Driving – http://www.turnology.com

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