Porche 918 +Porsche Carrera GT +Lamborghini Gallardo :Vandenberghe garage

Hey guys ,this video was made in Sint-Martens-Latem in Vandenberghe garage . In this video is a Porsche 918 E-hybride built in 2014 with 887 horsepower it is number 101 with a price of 1.250.000 euro . There is also a Carrara GT built in 2006 with 612 horsepower the price is unknown And as last we have a limited edition (one of 250 ) LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO LP 550-2 BALBONI E-GEAR built in 2010 with 551 horsepower with a price of 149.900 euro I hope you enjoy and see you in the next one ,bye For more info : http://garagevandenberghe.be/nl

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