Pontiac Firebird Cult-Classic Muscle Car for Sale on eBay

The Pontiac Firebird is one of the cult-classic muscle cars, reaching the pinnacle of American-grade performance with its second generation, with the Trans Am trim, with its humongous 455 engine (7.5-litre). But this particular example has gone a long way since it left the factory 42 years ago. After a thorough re-build five years ago, this stunning looking machine has ditched the original engine for a 535 cu Pontiac Butler Performance mill that chugs-up 700 hp on tap. Thats 8.7-litres of displacement waiting to scare the hell out of the driver, especially as the powerplant is mated to a five speed manual. Dont worry, the car can handle the extra stress, mainly because the company in charge of the project, Restore a Muscle Car, strengthened the frame, added a Detroit Speed 4-link suspension, Pro-Touring F-Body front control arms and spindles, Wilwood disk brakes and BFGoodrich KDW tires. Impressed yet? The interior didnt escape untouched neither, as a very potent sound system was installed, as well as custom Cerullo seats with Trans Am bird embroidery among other things. The custom 18-inch, 2-piece wheels the car is sitting on are made by Rushworth, and compliment its Spies Hecker deep-black paint finish nicely. The Pontiac also features a custom exhaust system that probably really lets the engine roar. If you’re quick, you can still find the car listed on eBay for $139,000

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