Photos museum of military equipment, old cars Shtver

Photos museum of military equipment, old cars Shtver. Cars Shtver. Since the early years of the XX century firm Shtver brothers from Stettin been making cars and trucks, which were among the first to arrive in the German armed forces. During the First World War on the accounts for the release of standardized trucks with a payload of 5.3 tons, and to mobilize the troops were also reported in serial cars and buses of this brand, converted for military use. The most productive phase of military vehicles came with the advent of the Nazi regime. In the years 1935-1936 on a standard car chassis M 12c inline 8-iilindrovym 60 hp motor moschnostyu1 on “Shtvere” built 569 heavy staff “kyubelvagenov” M12RW open 4-seater body with awning and rear compartment, trunk for equipment, reach speeds of 90 km / h. With the transition to a more simple models of cars, “Greif Junior” (Greif Junior), collects from 1936 to licenses for Czechoslovak car “Tatra-30.” on its basis the company also produced the party “kyubelvagenov.” Chief Military Merit “Stever” is considered the first edition of the light range of standardized multi-wheel-drive cars Wehrmacht.

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