Muscle Car 72 Grand Torino

Old vid from 1999 took with a beater 10 buck webcam not the best video quality but audios crisp Short Blast 3 quarters throttle mid 12sec , best it was timed 12.60 at 112 after cam switch and tranny ring replaced with 3.73s 1 2 shift was strong 2 3 it hesitate air was bypassing a ring can here it in the vid. Loved this car, fast yet tame on the street nothing to crazy pretty basic setup 3.55 gearing in vid as it was a daily driver switched to 3.73s later. in this vid had a new comp cam here”bad lobe” which we couldnt see with the eye, switched to a crane cam a week later.,massive difference the lope was down right sinister. Dont rememember the cam specs but it was low to high rpm range as in all around, these engines love to rev so we went all around performance for the street. hedman headers, weiand intake C4 Tranny/shiftkit got it 500 bux with a busted up right front wheel wheel and that areas body panel, did the bodywork, primered, painted red with white stripes, spoiler, Glasspacks ran off the headers in this with a smaller mid straight pipe connecting them, went full straight pipes later on 2 quiet it down. stock 351C 2v heads it already had, so we pumped it up some inside out, I forget which piston he used, 10 inna half to 1 compression, switched out the pushrods for hardened ones as the the engine made to much power for itself and bent 1 at best 540 545 horse street car ya know, on a 130mph whole shot. Buried the speedo a few times fastest by estimation I been was 155 on tanaka hill going up it..ask my brother on that 1 xD I remember racing a 67 cougar with a 351 windsor, cream colored with a black stripe over it, down near the airpot in kona on that looong straight away near the boat harbor at 2am randomly ran into eachother Beautiful car manual to good guy that drove it looked like james taylor from two lane blacktop kid ya not!. Knew my father and what he does with cars lol I will never forget that race, he got smoked but not by much he was at my bumper hanging with me. His best was 12.8 12.90 at 110/108 range was a bracket racer from what I remember. My father was a master engine builder Highly Regarded well loved and respected as he loved and respected others..just dont get on our bad side lol Big Island Hawaii home away from home.

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