Multi Cam – Muscle Car Meet – Drag & Drift Race Track – Mad Brawlers – GTA V

Join us today for this Live Streamed Car meet. We will be meeting up in Muscle Cars at LSC and then heading into a Custom Made Stunt Race that I created Today for Drag Racing And Drifting. We hope you enjoy this video, please like and subscribe fore more. Happy gaming For more information about this meet and how to join please follow this link. Do you enjoy our videos? Help support the Mad Brawlers YouTube channel and Donate what you can by following the link below. Chat with us in the Gamers Live Discord Channel For GTA 5 Voice Chat – Text Chat – I am MadLadClip the crew Leader of the Mad Brawlers in GTA 5 Online. I am a respected, friendly player, always looking for a good game and a laugh. The Mad Brawlers is open for all to join, Work your way up the ranks and then work your way up in Hierarchy Roles. We are a active crew and play all aspects of GTA 5 from Racing to VIP Work. If your looking for a active English speaking crew then find us on the SocialClub (Linked Below) or add me MadLadClip as a friend. I have been playing GTA 5 for about 10 months now and enjoy it that much that I want to share all that I do with you. I have been around the block in GTA not completed all the jobs yet but I have been making jobs and creating videos using the Rockstar Editor. I am a friendly player looking to make new friends and to have a good game. I am the crew Leader of the Mad Brawler, MB is always growing with loads of good players. We welcome you all to join us in our quest to be Kings of GTA 5. GTA 5 Online Crew – Mad Brawlers ——————————————————– Find Us Online Mad Brawlers: Website – www, Steam Group: GTA 5 Events – Steam Group: Mad Brawlers – Facebook: MadLad Clip – Facebook: Mad Brawlers – RockStar Social Club – Google+ – Happy Gaming, I Will See You Server Side.

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