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Rare cars like a good cog neck are becoming better and more expensive over the years. Auto collectors spend massive sums on the purchase of retro cars. It’s not surprising because every such car is a separate part of history a symbol of the glory of previous owners and an entire era that is frozen in metal.
Hi guys! This Text is about rare beautiful and expensive cars from Ferrari for a few million dollars (the most expensive car in history)
Today, boys around the world argue about who is the best that of Messi and Ronaldo and there were similar disputes 30 years ago over which car is cooler the Lamborghini Countach or Ferrari F40 this red deity was born in 1987 to the 40th anniversary of the brand the name F40 appeared for this reason.
The supercar accelerated from zero to 62 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds it has an impressive engine power of 478 horsepowers under the hood. Even by today’s standards, this
is the first of the legally produced cars breaking the 200 miles per hour barrier. This is also the last model created during the life of Enzo Ferrari. The founder of the company was 90 years old at the time. The number of team wins in the race significantly decreased and he got the task of building an automobile capable of competing with the new race leaders. The model which became his last achievement is the holder of the title as the world’s fastest serial car. You have to really come down with several million dollars to buy such a car.
We are talking about high prices so it’s time to bring your attention. The following model, the MercedesBenz 540 K is a royal car in every sense. It was designed in 1936 for the Prussian
monarchs. The rulers of Iran and Romania traveled in this car at different times.
A powerful car, it was known as the favorite of the Gobles, a close associate of Adolf Hitler as well as Jack Warner of the Warner Brothers, American film company, one of the 32 issued cars is still in the possession of the Baroness Gisela von Cragar from Prussia. The Baroness carried it to America in 1942 where a historic auto covered with dust sat in a garage for more than four decades. However, this beautiful specimen was sold at an auction for an amazing eleven point eight million dollars after a complete restoration in 2012
Let’s talk about another royal car: the Bugatti type 41 received the name royale for its outstanding qualities and is by right considered as the most luxurious car of all time. Antonin Bugatti is the founder of the company who initially planned to produce as many as 25 copies of the car, one for each of the 25 richest people of that time. However, he had to confine himself to six models because of the Great Depression. In view of the huge cost, there were no buyers for two cars and they stayed with the Bugatti family. one copy of the car’s body of Kellner coach during the second world war was walled up behind a false wall in the family estate. The heirs sold this family car to the millionaire rider Briggs Cunningham in 1950 who broke up with the car only 40 years later. The car was sold at an auction for a record at that time 5.5 million dollars after a competition between 4000 auctioneers. At present, the cost of this rarity has risen many times and the name of the owner is anonymous. However, the names of the owners of this powerful Mercedes are familiar to everyone the Japanese emperor Hirohito, the pope Wilhelm II in exile and Adolf Hitler himself are among them.
Mercedes-Benz 770 is a luxury car produced from 1930 to 1943 a bulky car perfectly suited the cult of gigantism and Aryan superiority. The high ranks of Nazi Germany loved this car. This is probably the most famous car associated with high-ranking Nazi officials and is a peculiar symbol of the Third Reich we all know what happened to Germany, Hitler and all who followed him but what happened to their magnificent cars? Quite a few of the Mercedes-Benz 770’s have
survived to this day since most of them were destroyed during the hostilities. However, one of the seven cars used by the Fuhrer himself can be seen in the Canadian War Museum.
What do you think about such a new Spick-and-Span motto? It’s a rarity. It sounds like a pun but it’s not. The group of auto enthusiasts organized the Moscow tuning firm, implemented an unusual project: the new Volga v12 coupe is a version of the Volga M-21 but only on the outside. This fresh car styled as a retro USSR symbol is assembled on the basis of the BMW 850 CSI. It has 280 horsepower x’ a 5.5-liter engine and an impressive speed on the road
And now you see the Ford GT40 Golf in front of you. This is the most expensive car sold at auction that was produced in the USA. This car was specially developed in 1968 for wins in long-distance races against Ferrari. In the bibliography of the unique car, there are also star races participation in historical rallies and even a role in the cinema. The car was shot in the LeMans movie in 1970 of course as one of the main characters, it was necessary to cut off the roof for filming but the former view of the car was nonetheless restored In the end the car that was shot in the movie was sold at an auction in Monterrey for an amount far exceeding all expectations at 11 million dollars. Owners of the auction even had to rewrite the Guinness Book of Records.
This is another record from the Italian manufacturer Ferrari 250, Testa Rossa 1957 is always in the sights of race car connoisseurs. The car got its name which in translation means redhead from the scarlet caps that are in the upper part of the 300 horsepower engine. This car embodies that Golden Age of the Italian company. In total, twenty-two similar roadsters were produced. One of them was sold in 2011 for sixteen point four million dollars another model of the Testa Rossa went under the hammer for twelve million dollars. Why such a difference in price? The answer is simple. The above is an estimated car the factory prototype the first car among a cult series of these cars.
Since we are talking about cult cars, we cannot do without the Lamborghini. It is a classic before your eyes. The Lamborghini Miura is a sports car, produced by the company in the 60s By the way, the powerful car was named in the honor of the Spanish Ganoderia, a farm for breeding ferocious fighting bulls. The Lamborghini Miura SV in the video is especially notable for its incredible history. This family heirloom was fir gun and stood untouched in the garage for a quarter of a century The car has remained completely in its original state and so much so that the Concord radio from the former owner even had a cassette left in it with the then new Rolling Stones album. The treasure was carefully restored and now looks like it’s just come from a factory.
Well, we got to that retro car which for a long time was considered the most expensive: the Bugatti Type 57sc- Atlantic 1936 re-released in 2010 and was bought at an auction for a record
thirty-eight million dollars in total. Three copies of this supercar were produced but two have survived to this day, the first is in the collection of Ralph Lauren. And here is a short story of the latter. It was made by the order of Rothschild afterward having come down with $50,000 its owner was then Peter Williamson. It should be noted that his investment was a success
because in 40 years he sold his Bugatti for 38 million dollars. The motor with a capacity of 210 horses was on that cult car which accelerates to its top speed of 124 miles per hour. This speed may seem weak for some but do not forget that this masterpiece was born in 1936
Well, finally this is the Ferrari 250 GTO 1962. Today it takes the place of the most expensive retro car. The great history is behind the body of this car. It won the prestigious Tour de France in 1963 it finished first in the race for the city of Chimera for the next two years the car belonged to the collector Paul Pappalardo since 1974. Note that he was very lucky because according to the rules then the candidate must have been approved personally by Enzo Ferrari
himself. Not so long ago Paul decided to sell the car in an auction for whatever reasons it remains unknown Ferrari 250 GTO with the chassis number 51 11 was sold at the auction for a fabulous 38 million $115,000 thus it is the most expensive retro car and possibly the most expensive car at all by openly at an auction to date
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