Life Car TV – Lamborghini Urus Takes Selfies Around The World

Theres no doubt that the Lamborghini Urus is one heck of a fast crossover.Its a Lambo, after all, and packs over 600 horsepower.But we didnt quite expect it to make its way around the world quite this fast. Lamborghini revealed the big Raging Bull this past December.Shortly after, it started dispatching examples to showcase in markets around the globe.Now four months later, the Urus has completed its world tour.In that time, the automaker held presentations at dealers in 114 cities, putting it in front of more than 8,500 prospective customers.Good thing, too, because Lamborghini has big plans for its new crossover.The model is anticipated to double the companys sales and production figures.In 2016, it sold 3,457 vehicles around the world.Last year, with sales of the Urus just coming online, it beat its own record with 3,815 units.It anticipates producing some 3,500 examples of the new super-sport utility vehicle each year to bring its overall sales up past the 7,000-unit mark.Far-flung markets as far away from its headquarters as the United States and the Far East (to say nothing of the Middle East) will undoubtedly play a much bigger part in that picture than its home markets in Europe.So on this world tour, Lambo brought the Urus to locations as far away as California, Australia, Shanghai, Japan, Moscow, and Dubai as well as cities closer to home like Rome, Paris, and London.It looks like it must have been one heck of a trip, even if it was completed by multiple vehicles (and not one on a world tour).

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