Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910 4

The one-of-one orange mule, Tosca, named after composer Giacomo Puccinis operatic masterpiece, is an Aventador thats been fitted with essentially the same plug-in hybrid powertrain as the Asterion. Both have V-10s at their cores instead of the marques classic V-12. Why? Primarily because the V-10 is more efficient and more compact, which makes adding three electric motors and a 200-kW-hr battery pack a lot easier. Even down two cylinders, the powertrains 898 hp eclipses the all-new, 740-hp flagship, the Aventador SV. We have settled for electric front-wheel drive and petrol-fed rear-wheel drive, says Lamborghinis il grande ingegnere Maurizio Reggiani. The third electric drive unit, which incorporates a starter motor and generator, is sandwiched between the 602-hp V-10 engine and the seven-speed transmission. What this configuration gives us is on-demand four-wheel drive and a hybrid mode, which fuses all powerplants irrespective of the state of charge. Predictably, the biggest unknown right now is the batteries and their evolution.

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