Kelmark GT Transmission Problems — Cheated By Dealership — #2

Second video… this one just showing overall cosmetic condition of the vehicle. Please note that I’m not really complaining about the unmentioned cosmetic issues. My complaint is only concerning the mechanical problems. I was cheated by American Muscle Cars in Palatine, Illinois… I’m fighting back. Their youtube moniker is tdenic03. I have email proof that the dealer promised there are no major mechanical problems with the car. It arrived as NOT DRIVABLE. This is just the second video and only shows cosmetic condition… not my major concern. I can’t shoot video (with audio) of the transmission grinding sound nor show the clutch and shifting problems because the car won’t even start now. There was no mention of this being an as-is sale and, again, I have email proof the dealer promised there are no major mechanical issues. Thomas, AFTER the sale and AFTER the car was already on the truck, sent an email with a document for me to sign and return that this is an as-is sale. I did NOT sign nor return it.

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