Justin Beiber’s Exotic Cars

Like many celebrities, old and young, Justin Bieber adores exotic luxury cars. After being involved in some minor driving incidents with other automobiles, Justin Bieber’s exotic cars are Okay. This isn’t a loke at all. The most recent event is that a Honda Civic hit his black Ferrari from behind. When I said they are okay, I meant they  are OK in another way to what you pretty much assumed. The just-turned-17 year-old teenager’s jewel, the black Ferrari underwent a little wreck. Justin’s car rims got only bent a little bit; That’s not a big deal. The rims will be replaced in a blink of an eye.

Justin Bieber is known as a fast and exotic cars enthusiast. Gossips had it that Justin Bieber is extremely attracted by the 1967 used Lamborghimi 400GT 2+2 belonging to Sir Paul McCartney. Others comments indicate that Justin would show off even better in another ex-Beatle’s ex-car. Given Justin’s fascinating passion for Ferraris, the 1965 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 owned by John Lennon is his target. Other musician impressive automobiles that could go perfectly with Bieber during the ride may feature The King Elvis Presley’s DeTomasoPantera that he shot when it wouldn’t start or Rod Stewart’s Lamborghini Miruas.

Justin Bieber cultivated the taste for getting spectacular cars long before he had dreamt of proficiently driving. That’s real. He spent $200,000 on his first Ferrari when he was only 15. Justin Bieber got his driver’s license a year after in Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles in Atlanta. Then, he posted a Facebook message saying he was super-stoked to turn 16, get his license and then get behind the wheel for real of his Ferrari F430.

The Ferrari is fast and exotic from its tail pipe to the wheel rims, but Justin was only beginning when it came to exotic cars. No gossip site fans, Usher didn’t buy him his next exotic car. Justin has more than enough money to buy himself something cool. He got a very hip Range Rover. That’s a nice driving around Los Angeles vehicle for sure, but Justin wasn’t finished. His latest acquisition just the other day, was a…ta-da, who would have thunk it, a Cadillac CTS Coupe. Dang, my granddad drives a Cadillac, so you’re telling me Justin Bieber is driving my grandfather’s type car. That is kind of mind-blowing except for the fact that Justin is souping this red baby up at a Los Angeles custom body shop and it’s looking amazing.
While Justin’s car started out red, it got an all-black paint job and crystal-blue LED headlights for starters. It’s still in the shop, so look out on the road for it soon. And if you’re driving a dangerous Honda Civic, don’t be no cruising for a bruising. JB has an entire entourage ready to get your license plate and take you to court. He’s that hot.

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