Mormon Meteor III In Jay Leno’s Garage

Mormon Meteor III; Collector Cars

More great stuff from Jay.  I read about Ab Jenkins for years in Hot Rod magazine but didn’t know what powered the Meteor.  One detail is the displacement of the Curtiss Conqueror engine;  I think it is 1570 cubic inches, not 1700. Thanks so much for sharing, sir…!! This was obviously an amazing car in its era. Maybe not a beauty, but really cool! In my country- where anything with an engine is dangerous or forbidden by law- we don’t have much to brag about “car-vice”…..but! This car reminds me similarly of ” IL-TEMPO GIGANTE” – a car built by a Norwegian guy called Mr. Ivo Caprino. Pleases, search: “Il Tempo Gigante AutoFil “- fex. This is one heck of a car and it is a shame it is not built any copys and shipped over to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave...!! c;) This was first made for the movie ” Flaklypa Grand Prix ” – and if never seen….pls do- it is a big part of this movie where a really cool Race takes place- and even though it’s not dubbed in English- it’s really fun to see… Thanks again. Amazing.

And they were gracious enough to donate this car to the state of Utah. And how do state officials show their appreciation? When they wanted to refurbish the museum this car was displayed in, they simply pushed it outside in the backyard and left it there, as if it was a pile of scrap metal, to be vandalized and left to the elements. Leave it to any government to destroy something good. There was a speed record breaking racing car that was berried under the Maplin, England sands possibly in the 1920’s. It was dug up and restored in the 1970’s which basically was to rebuild a body but the chassis, engine etc. were okay. The Guy then drove it putting it into first gear and let the clutch out and the car went off at 60MPH. The driver said he never touched the throttle or changed gear that was engine idling.

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