Jay Leno’s Garage Showcases The 1932 12-160A Custom Auburn

Custom Auburn; Collector Cars

Jay Leno’s Garage Showcases The 1932 12-160A Custom Auburn. That V-12 engine didn’t die with Auburn. After they went out of business, the tooling was bought by American-LaFrance. And so a version of the engine – bored out to 527 ci, fitted with dual ignition, and making 216 HP – was used for quite a few years to power fire engines. A guy in Indiana is building an Auburn hot rod with one of those swapped in. I absolutely love these videos about vehicles before my time. Especially unusual, rare or unique for the era. Wonderful to get a look and feel for a make of the time. Features specific to the model explained and demonstrated. You could have spent another half hour on this Auburn, it’s just that interesting. Jay was and still is a class act, I really miss him and the tonight show because he was the last of the greats.These guys now just don’t know when to leave something alone or when enough’s enough.Entertainers are supposed to divide us even further, they’re supposed to help bring us together and Jay always seemed to be able to do so while giving both sides a good laugh.

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