Jay Leno’s Garage Highlights The 1918 Model 66 Pierce Arrow

1918 Model 66 Pierce Arrow; Collector Cars

Jay Leno’s Garage Highlights The 1918 Model 66 Pierce Arrow. Jay teams up with his mate Patrick Craig to give a meticulous look at his 1918 Model 66 Pierce Arrow that has the distinction of having the extensive engine ever put in a reproduction vehicle.

Wow! Cast aluminum panels and $15,000 for a radiator core! What a brilliant car, and we’ve been long overdue for something genuinely old and unmodified. Thanks, Jay. But Captain Nemo airship driver? He was a submarine driver surely. I’ve always heard about those early 20th. century Pierce Arrows, but have never observed any running under their own power before Jay’s latest installment. Jay, what a wonderful expose on a well designed and built automobile for its time in manufacturing history. Thank You.

Patrick Craig was a huge influence on my car life. He bought a few Ferrari’s from my dad back in the mid-80’s. My dad ended up working with Pat at the shop for years. I was fortunate enough to ride in many amazing cars thanks to Pat and he would even let me hang out at the shop during my summer breaks and help dust the cars and learn a lot. My dad has since passed away but all those memories remain. Pat if you are reading this, thank you. My dad’s name was Ray Luce whom I’m sure you remember. Thanks again, Ramon

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