Jay Leno’s Garage And The 1942 Dodge Carryall

1942 D0dge Carryall; Collector Cars Blog

Jay Leno’s Garage and the 1942 Dodge Carryall built by Winslow Bent at Legacy Classic Trucks! I used to have a lot of respect and admiration for Legacy but as I continue to advance my skill set in restoration and fabrication this vehicle is far from a $250k price tag. The rear suspension (springs) are the original 1.75” wide springs that came stock on the WC53 with BRASS bushings and cast iron spring hangers. Shocks are purely for looks since it appears they went with a 12” travel shock and limited it to a 4” travel. E Brake cables are at risk of being ripped off, frame has extensive welding which is a corrosion hotspot internally and riddles it with dozens of concentrated stress areas (boxing plates end between cross members) and the diesel engine itself is very reliable but there is no reason to boost the spin on fuel filter since they come standard with it. I could care less about the thought put into vent tubes over the rest of the entire damn truck. Making the tailgate out of 1/8” plate means the outer skin is loaded with bondo to get the shape it needs to flow with the body. Fuel fill location is ridiculous, headlight mounts are cheesy, the hydro-boost isn’t straight, the firewall is just boring flatbed lined steel, the air compressor is a joke… they made gear drive compressors for this cummins engine that would take the cake in air volume and reliability. Nice try Legacy, I’ll see you next year with a real resto-mod Dodge that is practical!

Hi Jay and guys. I am actually the organizer of the rally where this baby will be servicing. I’ve read the comments here, and I believe that if you never made a rally like the one we’re putting together you can’t actualy be certain of this vehicle capabilities. I have some experience crossing South and Central America with different types of vehicles, from comfortable 4x4s to classic cars from the 20s. This truck will be servicing a 1938 Chevrolet coupe known as the Fangio as it is a replica of the one the Juan Manuel Fangio used to race in his early days. The color pattern also mimics the car, this is why this truck has the paint scheme like you see it. So Jay, if you want to come along in this adventure, we’ll save a seat for you.

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