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Jay Leno Car Collection: Valued at Over $50 Million No other celebrity in the world can match Jay Lenos car collection! More than being known as the host of NBCs Tonight Show, Leno has created a trademark with his amazing car collection. Car manufacturers even collaborate with him due to his unique concepts and designs. His has 200 vehicles, including his more than a hundred cars, which is believed to have cost $50 million. Adding to that are his 50 motorcycles. The collection varies from classic, contemporary, customized and assembled vehicles. Most of his cars are worth more than $700, 000 each and are a rare found. His most expensive car is the $14 million dollar custom Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Limousine loaded with 24k gold. His GAZ Volga, an old K.G.B. staff car that was built in early 60s, is considered by Jay as his worst collection. It has incredibly poor features but its 4-cylinder and tractor-like engine impressed Jay. His oldest car is the 1906 Stanley Steamer which runs for 76 miles per hour. The $250 million worth host said he is not the type who buys car to impress people especially women. His passion for the wheels led him to have his own web TV show. His cars are stored in a solar-powered warehouse in Los Angeles. A philanthropist himself, Jay has auctioned one of his vehicles, Fiat 500, for $385, 000 for a charity at the annual Pebble Beach Concours dElegance, the nations premier classic-car show and upscale-lifestyle extravaganza.

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