Inspecting A Collector Car – Points to Consider – Subject Car 1969 Cadillac

1969 Cadillac; Collector Cars

This one is a car I was asked to check out. After a few email exchanges and a phone call to the seller, WE decided there was no other option but for me to go look at the car. What I knew prior to going: The car was stored about 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean in an area known for fog and wind coming off the water. This equals Salt Air and Rust Issues. BUT the car was kept in a garage and under a cover… Garage=GOOD Under a Cover=Not Good. Covers allow moisture from the floor to condense up inside and not breath out. WHAT I did not know, was the BACK wall of this garage had been removed, allowing more fog to enter… OK, the car had some problems because of the exposure, but had no east-coast rotten car syndrome at all. Take a look at the car.. Not bad– just OK.. My written reports average 8 pages with photos. AND a road test report.

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