IAA Cars 2017, a k a the Frankfurt Motor Show highlights – Future Motoring Episode 45

[http://futuremotoring.com] We talk about IAA Cars 2017, also known as the Frankfurt Motor Show! On this episode, we welcome back Christian Moe to discuss the IAA Cars 2017 show, which is to say we talked about the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show! Mercedes-AMG showed off a road-legal Formula 1 car that’s nearly $3 million USD! Porsche told 911R speculators to sod off, and Honda showed us a look into the future by making a car that looks a lot like the Mk1 Golf GTI. All of that and some hot hatch talk on this episode of Future Motoring! Show notes for this episode, including links, are available at http://futuremotoring.com/45

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