GTA 5 Online: Which car is the best in the Muscle Class? (Read Description Down Below)

In this video i am going to discuss which car is best in the muscle class. So this video is more like a car comparison between these cars. Here are the car we are going to be discussing: Sabre Turbo, Sabre Turbo Custom Low Rider and The Vapid Dominator. Raven is the guest for this video. Also i going to mention which car won each category of racing by lap time on my special tracks: Top Dog: (Which car is the fastest car) 1. Sabre Turbo Custom LR 1:19.082 2. Dominator 1:19.216 3. Sabre Turbo 1:25.254 Wax Haven: (Which car Handles and Performance better in a race on dry Road) 1. Sabre Turbo Custom LR 3:28.543 2. Sabre Turbo 3:33.315 3. Dominator 3:33.648 The Grand Royale (Which car has the top acceleration and quick off the line) 1. Sabre Turbo Custom LR 34.467 2. Dominator 35.335 3. Sabre Turbo 37.504 The Great Dam Escape (Which car handles better Off Road) 1. Sabre Turbo 3:42.224 2. Dominator 3:43.427 3. Sabre Turbo Custom LR 3:47.029 The Rocky Mountains (Which car handles better in the Rain) 1. Sabre Turbo Custom LR 3:40.427 2. Sabre Turbo 3:42.195 3. Dominator 3:44.031 I will go deeper on another video (if requested) to show you how these cars perform in a race environment on my custom test tracks. Any questions leave them in the comments below and please be respectful. Thank you. This Channel is all about Gaming, tutorials, sometimes reviews and other cool stuff. I’m a gamer that loves to help out online and entertain the fans by upload content to get a better understanding on how the games plays and looks to the average viewer. I do Audio Commentary sometimes and i do read comments. I upload daily on different games and other stuff if its important to put in a video. Check out my PLAYLIST and CHANNEL TRAILER for more details on “WHAT I DO ON MY CHANNEL” I Hope that you enjoyed my video on this channel and if you like what you see, Don’t hesitate to hit that subscribe button if you want more gaming content like this, Daily. Thank you for watching and Have a great day!

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