Floyd Mayweather Ferrari Enzo for Sale

One of the finest Ferrari Enzos in existence managed to sell for over $3 million at RM Sotheby’s Driven by Disruption auction in New York over the weekend. This particular Enzo is noteworthy as back in January, it was purchased by undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, apparently for $3.2 million from Fusion Luxury Motors. Under the tenure of Mayweather, the rare Italian supercar was driven 200 miles, bringing up its total odometer reading to a scarce 560 miles. Before Mayweather bought the car, it was sold new to a customer in Dubai as the 295th example of 400 units built. Bearing chassis number 135440, it is painted in Rosso Corsa and has a Nero leather interior. As with all other Enzos, it has silver twin five-spoke wheels and yellow centre caps as well as Scuderia Shields on the front wheel arches. Prior to the auction, the vehicle was shipped to Ferrari of Beverly Hills where despite having just 560 miles on the clock, it received its 5,000 mile service, meaning all the fluids were changed as were the oil and air filters. While back in August, the 400th and final Ferrari Enzo ever produced sold for $6.05 million, the $3.3 million result of chassis 135440 is very impressive. As a matter of fact, one example sold for just $1.19 million last year.

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