FERRARI Finali Mondiali / F1 cars on the Daytona banks for the first time ever!

Ferrari has written a new page in the history of motorsports: just past 10 am in Florida when the F1 Clienti single-seaters entered the legendary Daytona Speedway for their first public appearance in history. Drivers were initially cautious, but they rapidly became comfortable with the high-speed curves and 31-degree banks. The roar of engines being pushed to the limit filled the speedway as the single-seaters raced along the track, one of the international temples of automobile racing. A four-day event. The unique event officially kicked off the first Finali Mondiali ever hosted in America. Fans and enthusiasts will be fully immersed in the Ferrari universe throughout the four-day event, and will even get a chance to see XX Programme vehicles on the track, including the FXX K and its 1,000 hp engine. The schedule includes a full 10 races for the Ferrari Challenge, including the final rounds of the three series and the two races for World Champion. Kimi and Sebastian. The ultimate event is scheduled for Sunday and will feature Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel in a thrilling lunchtime performance. GT vehicles and the F333 SP will build up to the grand finale featuring the Scuderias two official drivers. Two Ferrari F60s will be used by Kimi and Sebastian for high-speed laps, pit stop simulations and heat-stopping skids before they commemorate the grand triumph at the 24 Hours in 1967 by parading across the finish line. The Ferrari range on display. Those spending the weekend at the Daytona International Speedway will see vehicles both on the track and in the Fan Zone. The public will practically be within reach of the vehicles and drivers as they admire the many cars on display, including the new LaFerrari Aperta and the Green Jewel version of the 488 GTB; the special green livery is one of the 70 liveries celebrating 70 years of Ferrari. Some of the most iconic vehicles from Maranello will be on display at the Officina Classiche. Exclusive gadgets will also be on sale at the Ferrari Store set up for the event. Last born. On Sunday, the other cars on display will be joined by the new 488 Challenge, which will be unveiled Saturday night at a gala dinner. The sports berlinetta developed for the worlds most famous single-make championship will have a turbo engine and will race alongside the 458 Challenge EVO currently being used for the three series of the championship.

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