Ferrari Expands Museum In Maranello

The Ferrari Museums enjoyed a record year in 2016 with more than 478,000 visitors, of whom 344,000 came to Maranello. So also in order to cope with a growing public, the Museums spaces have been extended by more than 600 square metres to a total of 4,100 square metres, creating a new wing that connects to the existing structure by means of a great continuous glass facade, and a new museum itinerary. In addition, a multifunctional space of about 300 square metres has been built, which can host up to 250 people for events, conventions and educational activities. The refreshments area and the Ferrari Store are also completely new. Two new exhibitions, Under the Skin and Infinite Red, celebrate Ferrari on its 70th anniversary. The former recalls the founder and the evolution of the companys innovation and style, while the latter covers the companys history through its models. Get More Great Car Videos – Subscribe:

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