Ferrari 488 Pista vs McLaren 720S vs Porsche GT2 RS

How does one quantify practicality, anyway? Simple! With lots numbers. Well, they all have two seats each, which means you’ll be better off with a Merc V-Class if you need to carry six passengers. The McLaren has a 150-liter cubby hole up front and another 200-liter boot at the back, which is remarkably practical. Of course, you’ll never fit a chest of drawers in it, but there’s certainly enough space for some soft luggage. It is actually incredibly practical, as we found out. The Ferrari has a 230-liter boot, which is pretty impressive, considering how much else is wedged in there. But we might have to hand it to the McLaren. As for the GT2 RS? Well, it depends how much you can wedge among the scaffolding behind the seats, we guess. And there’s a 115-liter boot up the front if you run out of space. Yeah, McLaren wins.

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