Ferrari 488 GTB – Engine Start Up + Revs!

What you see here is the 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB! It used the all new 3.9 Twin Turbo V8 engine, delivering an astonishing 670HP at 8000Rpm with no turbo lag. The sound of the new Ferrari 488 GTB! I have had the opportunity to get up close to the latest supercar from Ferrari, and even hear the sound from its 661 bhp . I filmed the all new turbocharged Ferrari 488 GTB. In this video you can see the car starting and reving it’s V6 engine and also hear an acceleration. Filmed at the . I spotted the brand new 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB driving on the road! You can see and hear the sound of the new 3.9 Twin Turbo V8 engine. I have filmed these .

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