Dennis Buys a Classic Muscle Car

Dennis Goddard: So Jack, tell us about this classic muscle car that you’re selling today. Jack: This classic car is a 1968 Pontiac Firebird Convertible 350 V8 which my wife and I bought when we first got married, it’s the first car we bought and we have had it ever since. I am now 73 and this car has been a great friend of ours ever since. And it still looks good. Dennis: When you guys got married this was the first car that you owned together? Jack: This is true. We went out looking for it. Before that I had another classic muscle car, a Chevy Impala with the big engine. We looked around and we settled on the Firebird and we loved the green color and we have loved it all these years. Dennis: What is your fondest memory of owning this car with you and your wife owning this classic muscle car since 1968? Jack: Going to the beach on weekends with the top down, wind blowing in our hair. Dennis: I see it’s a California car, it’s got the original CA Blue Plates from when it was new. So Jack, why did you finally decide to sell this classic muscle car? Jack: Well we’re getting up in years now, I’ll be 74 in another month, we’re cleaning out our garage and we’re doing some improvements in the home and we think that maybe its the right time to see is someone else wants to enjoy this classic muscle car like we have done all these years. Dennis: Excellent, so how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Classic Cars? Jack: Online and I looked for People Who Buy Classic Muscle Car and Dennis Buys Classic Cars in Los Angeles popped up so I decided to give him a call. He came to Laguna Beach to take a look and here we are. Dennis: tell me again what you typed in when you did your online search? JacK: I typed in who buys Classic Muscle Cars Dennis: Classic Muscle Cars. Jack, yes and Dennis Buys Classic Cars came up on top. I looked at some of the pictures of his classic muscle cars and some of them looked like mine, Barracudas, Mustangs and Camaros and I thought maybe this guy would be interested in mine. Dennis: How would you rate your overall experience here today with Dennis Buys Cars? Jack: I would give Dennis ten stars, he’s very very nice, very personable and very nice to deal with.

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