Daytona USA Stock Car Auto Racing Arcade Video Game: 2 Races – Doc vs. E.L. vs Rocky vs. Piper

Daytona USA Car Racing Arcade Game is an Arcade Game that we all really enjoy battling it out on. Even M&M steps into the action a couple times off camera! Although The Maestro really prefers Nascar Team Racing hands down compared to this dated Daytona USA Arcade Game, E.L. loves the Gameplay action just as much as Nascar Team Racing. Well, this was an all out, no holds barred Kids Competition with the for kids battling out in not one….but TWO Daytona USA Races. Be sure to check out or other Auto Racing Youtube Videos. ARCADE TICKET GAME PLAYED? Daytona USA Stock Car Racing Arcade Game RECOMMENDED GAME? Doc: “Recommended Arcade Game” Piper: “Recommended Arcade Game” Rocky: “Recommended Arcade Game” E.L.: “Recommended Arcade Game” The Maestro: “Recommended Arcade Game” (BUT GRAPHICS ARE VERY OLD) M&M: “Recommended Arcade Game” Arcade Games, Ticket Games, Claw Machine & Coin Pusher Videos Playlist: Follow Us On Google +: Instagram Toy Hunting Gamers Toy & Game Photos: Follow Us On Twitter: Subscribe To This Youtube Channel: All Our Kids Videos:

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