Crazy JAPANESE cars & tuning styles: Dekotora trucks, Itasha, VIP, Bosozoku & Onikyan

Japan is one of the most popular car nations. The companies, founded in this country have manufactured and are still creating incredibly powerful and quality cars. But apart from famous automotive manufactures, the Japanese are famous for their car tuning trends, many of which have become international hits with multi-million fan base. Even though popular on the Japanese markets, still there are car cultures, tuning styles and trends, which seem incredibly odd in the international arena. So we have analyzed the most popular automotive cultures, which may seem weird, unusual and even crazy. Overall we have reviewed top 5 tuning styles, which are either incredibly popular in Japan or have originated in the country and have now spread all over the world (please note that all the footage is used in educational purposes only and is either used as fair-use content or was released under the creative commons license): – Bosozoku is a culture tightly linked with the teenage rebellion and gang lifestyle, as most representatives of this culture try throw tantrums on the road and draw attention to their automotive creations with incredibly usual exhaust pipes and body kits (most of which are inspired by manga and anime) and loud exhaust sounds. Learn more about this culture here: – Dekotora culture (short for decoration truck) is a Japanese tuning craze, which was started by a movie series called Torakku Yar (Truck Guys) in the late 1970. The main character, who was driving an incredibly flashy truck, became a sort of a national hero, as thousands of car enthusiasts, old and young, started created their versions of such trucks. Nowadays these vehicles are sometimes called as Art Trucks. Learn more about this style here:, here: and even here: – Itasha is a modern-day culture of otaku fans, who decorate their vehicles according to personal anime and manga preferences. So finding multiple cartoon characters with incredibly idealized features and facial expressions on the cars is very common. See more of the itasha culture here: – Onikyan has started as a technical modification, which was aimed to help the drift racers at crucial moments but even though it didnt work out for drifting, the Onikyan has become a very popular visual style. – VIP style has, supposedly, started by the Yakuza members, who had the money and power to modify their vehicles but at the same time didnt want extra attention from the police and their criminal rivals. So they spent time modifying and tuning luxury European and JDM cars. Please check out other car styles of the world here: Dont forget to leave your thoughts below and thanks for watching!

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