Classic Musclecars: 5 Classic Convertible Musclecars from ’58-’69

Classic Musclecars: 5 Classic Convertible Musclecars from ’58-’69 This video shows some of the most iconic and desirable musclecar convertibles of the era spanning from 1958-69. Moving through this date range, we start with a pristine yellow 1958 Corvette convertible move to a 1962 Corvette convertible, then to a 1965 Shelby 427 replica that epitomized one of the most desirable (and inaccessible) cars of its era. From there, we see two versions of the iconic Mustang convertible, starting with the 1965 Mustang convertible, Ford’s groundbreaking entre into what would be considered the musclecar era, then moving to the 1968 Mustang convertible, which enjoyed a much larger engine bay to accomodate a big block, and more rugged styling. The 1965 convertible is seen in profile only, while standing still. The 1968 convertible is shown from an oblique angle, then moving around the car to illustrate its distinctive styling features. The video concludes with a pristine Chevy Camaro SS convertible, seen standing still in a panoramic view and focusing in on its styling, as well as its ‘396’ badging, denoting that a big block engine is housed inside the engine bay. This was a seminal time for cars in general, but particularly so for performance cars. The ’58 Corvette marked several engineering advances that made for a more practical, driveable and safer car – a bumper that was actually mounted to the frame, and more substantial brakes to make the car’s stopping power more on a par with its acceleration. The ’62 Corvette took this even further, featuring a more modern 327 engine that would become a Chevy trademark and would propel the Corvette 0-60 in under 6 seconds – rapid for its time. The Shelby 427 Cobra replica benefited from a very light weight, as well as several engineering cues that come from a more modern era, including independent front and rear suspension, modern braking system and a fuel injected 351 engine. While purists often scoff at the notion of a replica, properly constructed and well engineered examples such as this one are on a par, both quality- and performance-wise, with many exotics. Both versions of Mustangs (the ’65 and ’68 convertible) continue to be seen on city streets to this day. While not considered particularly exotic themselves, well preserved and well restored examples of these cars are fairly rare, especially in ‘numbers-matching’ trim, which denotes that the cars have been restored with their original parts, as opposed to after market replacements. Vintage Corvette dealer in Summerville, Georgia A well-known Corvette dealer in the Ohio The website for the Northern California Corvette Association, one of the better known and larger car clubs in California. The website for their Southern California counter parts, in an area where the weather makes these convertible viable year around. The website for the Mustang Club of America The website for the Beach Cities Mustang Club, a well populated and well known club serving the South Bay and surrounding areas of Los Angeles. A Mustang club also serving the Los Angeles area. The Orange County Mustang Club Mustang Club serving the western portion of New York. Camaro car club serving San Diego Facebook page for the Inland Empire Camaro Club, also located in California. Camaro Club covering the eastern United States. A worldwide registry of car clubs dedicated to the Shelby Cobra replica. A Cobra car club based in St. Louis, MO. The Fantasy Lifestyle Channel

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