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Alvarez Auto Sales (844) 567-2333 was voted the Best Used Cars in KENNEWICK, WA http://www.alvarezautosales.com . If youre like me, you cant remember the last time youve stepped on to a car dealership’s lot because you loath the idea of being bothered and pestered time and time again. AND THEN your car breaks down and you find out from the mechanic that your car is totaled and it will cost money to fix it than what its worth. GREAT time to step on that used car dealership lot again! However, not every car dealer is bad I just recently bought a car at Alvarez Auto Sales from the above Video Ad, and I was very pleased with my whole experience. Im pleased enough that Im writing them a review! They were my 3rd used car dealership in Kennewick WA that I went to. The other two used car dealerships were not very impressive, like Elite, or that Millennium one. The things I liked about Alvarez Auto Sales is that they werent in your face all the time or harassing you. They actually gave you space which was a HUGE PLUS in my book. Not only were they respectful, but they were very upfront and friendly with everything. Their parking lot isnt the best to showcase their cars, but I was quite surprised with the selection that they had. They had both NEW and USED cars in the dealership lot in Kennewick WA. It took me awhile to pick out a car but they were very patient with me being indecisive as I usually am So I ended up getting a 2013 BMW 328i, and I love it. Its in immaculate condition and have driven it for 5 months now and still running strong and no issues whatsoever. Oh and did I mention that I got it $3000 below blue book value? They told me that they buy these things in big city auctions where the volume of cars is a lot bigger than the demand and that means savings passed on to me and you. Here is a pros and cons list of Alvarez Auto Sales which in my opinion is the best used car dealership in Kennewick WA Pros: + They arent as pushy as other dealerships and respect your space + A lot of great selections & models + They have both new cars as well as old used cars + They gave me extras: gas card and door mats to sweeten the deal! :) Cons: + The parking lot concrete is not the nicest or greatest looking, still pretty good for a used car lot So all in all, if you want the best used cars in Kennewick, WA or Richland, WA or Tri-city Area then you should definitely check out Alvarez Auto Sales for your next used car! For more information please visit our website at http://www.alvarezautosales.com For more related videos, Please subscribe our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO_tTv3W0SjDapdHkrhYzUA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9LSPALxENk

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