10 Crazy Cars of the Future Already Unveiled in 2017

10 Crazy Future Cars Already Unveiled in 2017; Collector Cars

Hannah one in 10 Crazy Cars of the Future Already Unveiled in 2017

I can bear sitting on the timber above I see a tree. Atlanta Soviet movie stands for the new electric urban vehicle. The design overall interior exterior and even the user experience is a concept we call subtractive simplicity and what that really means is just this honesty in the approach of the Nuvi lighting. We really wanted to make something that had this kind of floating glow to it so that when it’s still and it’s turned off it kind of blends into the environment a little bit. It’s like this polished stone we have. This upside down you shaved for the taillights that are very distinctive as well as the front fascia that also has these very notable headlight forms. The doors, the way they open! The whole door is the actual entire body side so there are very minimal parts to kind of add to this idea of simply “Hannah is the Honda automated network assistant that is our Artificial Intelligence.  The idea behind Hannah is it’s an AI that learns from you, is with you based on experiences, basically tries to make the driving experience better in every way. Hannah can help you get from point A to point B in the most efficient and quick manner. But if you decide you don’t feel like driving Hannah, she can drive you wherever you need to go. At the same time we’re Honda and we still enjoy the fun experience of driving so there’s still a steering wheel in the vehicle and when you look at the exteriors, see the wheels pushed out of the body so it’s still kind of a fun vehicle to drive if you want to take over and enjoy it.

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