Car Games: Neon Rider Drives Sport Cars ANDROID Gameplay

Car Games: Neon Rider Drives Sport Cars By Tiny Lab Productions. (Android/iOS/iPhone/iPad) SHARE, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE! Welcome to the Cyberspace! You are the greatest speed racer who has to win this race! Drive ahead and explore all racing tracks! If you miss extreme car driving experience, join the street race and develop your racing skills. FUTURISTIC CARS Are you the fan of futuristic cars? Great! Here is a wide choice of them. Look at these shining beasts! Maxima, Bee G, Pulse & GOLDENi are powerful sports cars that can easily beat your racing rivals! Hard to believe it? Try yourself! MISSION Racing rivals are well prepared for this championship! They are furious and ready to pay the price for the fame. Your mission is to prove that you are the best speed racer ever! Hurry up! Overcome your competitors and watch other racers chasing cars behind your back! ENVIRONMENT Forget all limits! Drive ahead! You are the top speed racer of this cyberworld. Race in bright neon lights, pass neon trees and buildings. Take a look at difficult race tracks! Prepare to race on complicated road sections: moving constructions, muddy terrain or hills. Sometimes you have to be slow, but sure! REAL RACING EXPERIENCE Forget previous racing experience! Take a deep breath and start racing! Watch road signs, avoid obstacles that can damage your racing car. Control futuristic cars and avoid car crash! Dare to drive in the green wheel – it boosts your speed! Push the gas pedal to the max and leave no hope for your racing rivals. Drive ahead! Race in 2 worlds: Futuristic city and Cyber track. Make cool flips and incredible car stunts. Collect coins and come back to claim new sport cars. Enjoy smooth gameplay, relaxing music and amazing graphics. Google Play Download iTunes Download

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