BMW i8 + i3 Due 2013 Electric Hybrid Car Concept – 2013 New Car Review HD

Motorcycles, two wheelers, bikes etc. is one or two-person transport vehicle with internal combustion engines.\\\\\ \\\\\ The first examples of initiatives have emerged with outboard motors to bicycles. In 1869 the US Massachusetts is working with Sylvester Roper steam power cycle has been trying to develop a similar vehicle. A five-cylinder engine Felix Nations in 1893 conducted a vehicle very similar to installing the front wheel of a bicycle motorcycle today.\\\\\ \\\\\ French inventors, the first successful two-wheeled motor vehicle design has made Michael and Eugene Werner. Werner brothers cars engine and placed between two wheels under the frame. Since then, the motorcycle engine design has always remained the same place.\\\\\ \\\\\ Users of the types of discrimination produced motorcycles preferences excels. For example, a result of the efforts of both sightseeing hosting the features of sport bike motorcycle trip in a single-sport motorcycle manufactured engines are preferred by a lot of love. Of course, speed is not expected in addition to being the driving comfort of a sport bike motorcycle, this motorcycle trip. The result is a motorcycle that offers better driving comfort of the motorcycle sport has a better performance in the motorcycle trip. BMW is hard at work developing a new breed of electric mobility vehicles. More:\\\\\ \\\\\\ New Car Reviews, New Car Commercials & Best Car Video\\\\\\’s The No. 1 Channel For Car Lovers Make Sure To Subscribe & .\\\\\\ \\\\\\ CCTV – Car Commercial TV HD Cool Car Commercials Sexy, Hot, Funny, Banned Car Commercials Subscribe 4 More CCTV fun.. The BMW i3, previously .\\\\\\ \\\\\\ The BMW i3 and i8 are part of the Project i sub-brand of BMW that concentrates on producing low emissions cars. These electric .

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