AutoArt has issued their Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni Edition in 1:18. This unique release Lamborghini Gallardo is doing something very special and worth it. It is honoring the long time (over 40 years) Lamborghini all newly made cars test driver Valentino Balboni. As you can see they named this Lamborghini Gallardo edition after Valentino Balboni, who in fact began doing work for Lamborghini as an auto mechanic apprentice and at some point, Ferrucio Lamborghini needed him as a test driver for his newly constructed vehicles. Voila! The reward is here. Really very good for Valentino Balboni who since then has been Lamborghinis key test driver for longer than 4 decades and obviously had test driven 80% of all ever built Lamborghini models.

The overall look of the Balboni is not much distinct from every other Gallardo beside from its white and gold lines moving across the midsection. The main and real significant change resides in the banner that states LP550-2, as opposed to LP560-4. The inscription on the banner stands for the power output, plus the driven wheels number. The horse power, but more importantly, it is rear wheel drive. In fact, it is the first rear wheel drive Lambo for over a decade. It is rear wheel drive in accordance with Valentinos preference.

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