5 Science Fiction Cars You’ve “Probably” Forgotten | FILM FAN #2

Here are 5 examples of fantastic but forgotten cars from the world of science fiction. Supercars are a thing of envy, but the supercars of science fiction capture the imagination. Sadly, some of these cars go forgotten. Usually the creation of major car manufacturers, the cars of science fiction are typically one-offs where a team of designers have been unleashed to create their visions of the future. Some of these cars stay with us, be it the DeLoren from Back to the Future or the Spinner from Blade Runner. However, there are examples which are forgotten. Fantastic vision of futuristic cars which are simply overlooked, probably because the film didn’t do so well. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more videos: http://bit.ly/2bjpt3G FOLLOW us on TWITTER: TopTube : https://twitter.com/TopTube_Chan Andy (Narrator) : https://twitter.com/Andy_TopTube FOLLOW us on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/TopTubeEntertainment/ The opening soundtrack is available from Freesound.org along with countless other high quality sounds/music. Other TopTube Entertainment Videos you may enjoy… AMAZING BUT TRUE #1 – 5 Ridiculous Ways to Die : http://goo.gl/zJIpJZ FILM FAN #3 – Blair Witch Analysis – Who Really Dunnit? : http://goo.gl/uYN1If FILM FAN #1 – 5 Horror Remakes Which Don’t Suck! : http://goo.gl/6sihsj

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