5 FUTURISTIC CONCEPT CARS THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! 5 BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car The digital intelligence of the BMW VISION NEXT 100 is concentrated in the Companion, which provides the driver with subtle, intuitive assistance in every situation. Perfect connectivity between the user and the surroundings enables the BMW Companion to always provide the right recommendations to meet personal mobility preferences, both during driving and outside the vehicle. https://www.bmwgroup.com/en/next100/brandvisions.html 4 ROLLS-ROYCE 103EX Looking towards the next 100 years, each and every Rolls-Royce will be a unique work of art. Shape, size and silhouette you will be able to craft your vision entirely from the wheels up. Rolls-Royce 103EX is our first ever vision vehicle, and embodies just one of the endless possibilities that awaits. A personalised icon for the future, providing a sanctuary of calm in an ever-faster world. The pinnacle of effortless autonomous travel, gliding silently through the cities of tomorrow. This is our VISION NEXT 100. https://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/en-GB/103ex.html 3 Lamborghini Ferruccio by Mark Hostler Designed by Mark Hostler, a transportation design student at Staffordshire university, it blends elements of design language from many different eras of Lamborghini. The steeply raked front screen and bonnet were inspired by the shape of the Countach, as was the super-wide rear end. The rounded shapes of the front and rear wings were inspired by the sleek, rounded, feminine lines of the Miura. Finally, the sharp nose and mirrors, and aggressive air intakes across the body and roof take their inspiration from Lamborghinis current stealth fighter design language. http://www.lamborghini.com/en/people/ferruccio-lamborghini/ 2 MINI Vision Next 100 the MINI VISION NEXT 100 learns from your behavior and recognises what you want, suggesting great, new places to meet up with friends and inspiring routes youll love. The Cooperizers inspire me function also offers you the option of experiencing someone elses personal driving mode, from friends, family, celebrities and even creative visionaries. Between journeys, the vision car will drive autonomously to a service hub, where its cleaned and recharged, before zipping off to meet another driver. http://www.mini.com/next100/index_content.html?cm=mcom_forward_direct 1 Lexus LF LM Hybrid Lexus LF_LM_Plug-in_Hybrid by Lauriane Bensabbah-Marcellot https://www.behance.net/gallery/13516749/Lexus-LF_LM_Plug-in_Hybrid Futuristic Look on The Best in Technology, Gadgets and Innovations That are Shaping Our Future. 5 FUTURISTIC CONCEPT CARS THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

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