2018 Skoda Vision X Concept Urban Crossover Design & Features HD

2018 Skoda Vision X Concept Urban Crossover Design & Features HD 2018 Skoda Vision X Concept Exterior Design 2018 Skoda Vision X Concept Interior Design Sporty, compact and full of advanced technology: this is koda’s concept for the urban crossover of the future. The study takes characteristic features from the successful koda SUV models, reinterprets them and transfers them into a further vehicle segment. The koda Vision X is celebrating its world premiere at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. Compact proportions, short overhangs and precise lines emphasise the agile and sporty nature of the concept car. In its interior, the koda Vision X boasts innovative infotainment technology. A special highlight: the koda Vision X’s particularly sustainable drive concept combines a CNG-and petrol-powered engine with an electric motor, providing spontaneous power delivery and increased agility, and allowing low CO2 emissions of less than 90 grams per kilometre. The koda Vision X can be identified as an SUV from the long-established Czech brand at first glance. With the new urban crossover, koda Auto is taking the next systematic step in its SUV strategy. The koda Vision X embodies agility, versatility and driving pleasure both in urban traffic and when venturing off road. With its compact exterior and interior dimensions as well as advanced infotainment features, the design study orients itself perfectly towards the modern lifestyle of active target groups. Outdoor excursions and leisure sport activities are the environment in which the robust and compact urban crossover demonstrates its strengths. The concept car provides an insight into a future model that, following the successful launches of the koda Kodiaq and koda Karoq, will continue the brand’s SUV campaign and round off the smaller end of koda’s SUV family as an urban crossover variant. The koda Vision X’s drive system, which is designed for sustainability as well as agility, is shaped by future-oriented technology. A newly configured hybrid system allows spontaneous power delivery and low emission values. For the first time, a highly efficient and particularly low-emission combustion engine has been combined with a belt-driven starter generator and an electric motor on the rear axle, which can power the vehicle by itself over short distances and, furthermore, takes on a supportive boost function when pulling away. Whether on or off the road, power can be delivered to the front axle, rear axle or, if necessary, to all four wheels. In everyday traffic, the koda Vision X’s advanced hybrid system returns a combined CO2 emissions value of 89 grams per kilometre when driven in an EU test cycle (NEDC). The concept study’s 1.5-litre G-TEC combustion engine with four cylinders and turbocharger has been specially developed for use with CNG (compressed natural gas). As well as conventionally extracted natural gas, CNG can also take the form of biogas or, with the help of green energy, synthetically produced natural gas. CNG vehicles running on conventional natural gas already emit between around 18 and 25 per cent less CO2 than a petrol-powered model with a comparable power output. The proportion of nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and other emissions is also considerably lower than those of petrol or diesel engines. By adding biogas, CO2 emissions can be reduced further. When running on 100 per cent biogas or synthetic natural gas, CNG vehicles are CO2 neutral. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8o9yN0F3zkjaQYfZyolyQ?sub_confirmation=1

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