20161015.005622.005833- 1956 HIGHWAY OF TOMORROW GM CAR SHOW MOTORAMA Stock Footage HD Design for Dreaming – VS man and woman, formally dressed for a night out, riding in “the car of the future” and looking around, awed; Very Delorean precursor. MS the road in front of them looking very smoky, futuristic and space-like; VS cars driving along “the highways of the future”with “the cities of the future” in the BG, very futuristic scene envisioned in the 50s; MCU man and woman look at one another and lean their heads together, smiling TC: The End Why, it’s you. ‘Firebird II to control tower, we are about to take off on the Highway of Tomorrow, stand by. ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow, our dreams will come true. Together, together, we’ll make the world new.’ ‘Strange shapes will rise out of the night, but our love will not change, dear. It will be like a star burning bright, lighting our way, when tomorrow meets today. The End. Clips or any part thereof are available for immediate purchase, clean, without time code or logo, in Smart 1080p HD format, which will work in both widescreen and pillbox edits. We can provide the footage in any SD, PAL, or HD format, at any frame rate, up to 1080p. Call (212) 620-3955 – MyFootage.com Please subscribe to our Channel as we add multiple clips every week. Pontiac Firebird II Concept Car Firebird 2 futuristic automobile with fins or tailfins

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