1956 CARS GM DREAM CARS OF TOMORROW Motorama Stock Footage HD

101216.005509.005621-1956 CARS Set at the 1956 General Motors Motorama, ‘Design for Dreaming’ is one of the key Populuxe commercial films of the 1950s, showing futuristic dream cars and Frigidaire’s “Kitchen of the Future.” “…the dream cars of tomorrow! showcased along with models wearing fashion outfits of couturiers of the day ‘A magnificent El Dorado town car by Cadillac. Ensemble by Christian Dior of Paris’. ‘Buick presents the sleek Centurion. Driving coat by Montesano of New York.’ Oldsmobile’s elegant Golden Rocket. Sports outfit by Pat Fremo of Los Angeles.’ ‘Pontiac’s Club de Mer, open to the sky. Costume by Emilio of Capri. ‘ ‘Chevrolet’s Impala, graceful and swift. Silk casual by Digby Morton of London.’

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